CAAS(Cooling As A Service)

Delivering Perishables with Frozen PCM Panels

Tan90 is pioneering Cooling as a Service (CaaS) in India and South East Asia to democratize and decentralize cooling solutions across all verticals of businesses. Through CaaS, Tan90 takes away your headache of investing on capital assets like blast freezers, having and maintaining inventories of cooling panels, managing manpower to freeze, thereby allowing you to deploy your capital for your business growth. CaaS enables you to book your frozen panels a day prior and we will deliver them pre-frozen at your doorstep.

Zero Capital Investment

Unlock Efficiency without Capital Constraints – Tan90’s Cooling as a Service (CaaS) provides a gateway to efficient cold chain upgrades without the burden of upfront capital investment. You can now elevate your temperature-sensitive cargo transportation without the financial strain.

Erase panel inventory worries.

Streamlined Inventory Management – With CaaS, wave goodbye to panel stockpiling concerns. Our service eliminates the need for you to manage and store cooling panels, allowing you to focus on your core operations hassle-free.

Space saving in freezer/ cold room

Maximize Storage Efficiency – CaaS optimizes your freezer and cold room space, offering more room for your valuable inventory. Say hello to a streamlined and space-efficient cold chain infrastructure.

Manpower-free freezing operations.

Resource Optimization at Its Best – Freezing operations become a breeze with CaaS. Our service takes care of the freezing process, eliminating the need for additional manpower. Your resources can be allocated where they’re needed most.

How CAAS Model Works?

CaaS is Available in

Deliver Frozen items without Reefer Vehicles.

From your warehouse to the end customer, Tan90’s CaaS empowers you to
significantly reduce operational costs by up to 40% while boosting your profits by an
impressive 50%. Transform your cold chain with the efficiency and
cost-effectiveness of CaaS.